Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favorite places

My favorite place right now is Ormond Beach. We had a beautiful day of sun and surf. I enjoyed a morning session with Fred. I had a fun session. The set waves were good size for here. That'd be like 2'. I got lots of waves and then the tide dropped. It sucked all the power out of the swell. I had to laugh because it'd start to suck and wham a sneaker set would catch me napping. The water was toasty 82. The sun was blazing a fine Florida beach day.

I'm very comfortable with this board now. It's such an easy board to surf and catch waves on. It's easy to control and doesn't require a lot of effort to turn or drop-in. By far the most user friendly board I've ever designed and built.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Evolution Board Patterns and Templates

I've tested the board enough to know it's a good board. I'm very pleased with the way it feels and handles. The patterns and templates for the ribs, spar, nose and tail pieces are available. I also have patterns for the nose concave and construction details on how to do the rails. Also included are the patterns for a 10" pivot fin and the nose rider spar.

This project requires a lot more precision that the standard longboard kit. Experience with HWS construction is a big plus.