Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kids on Keikis.

I had a fun day at the beach with my newest and youngest "team riders". My buddy Paul is a great Dad and knows how to how much Paulie and Kayla love to go for a surf. Paul has been a long time friend from my construction past. I got Paul out a few times and then the kids got involved.

Paulie and Kayla were very excited about surfing a keiki. The last time they had to share my foam fish. We all know how much siblings like to share...... humm. Anyways they were stoked and the boards were all ready for them.

It was a typical Florida day. The sky was overcast and it rained a little. The temp. was mid-80's and the water was probably about the same. The surf was pretty wild and had some size. There were some guys surfing outside and getting large choppy waves. The inside was reforming pretty good.

The first hour and half Paul and I helped out the kids by pushing them for a start. The last hour and half the kids were getting their own waves and paddling out. There was a lot of rip current running so Paul and I stayed in the water with them. The session ended with a couple wore out kids that didn't want to get out the water. Hmm.. sound familiar.

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. That's been one of my rituals since I started surfing. It was a lot of fun for all. Seeing the kids getting stoked gave me some stoke too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Evolution Nose Rider Project

I've been looking forward to building and surfing this one. What I'm planning is to use the noserider spar with the evolution features. That includes the tapered rails, nose concave, belly bottom, vee tail and glass-on pivot fin.

There are several builders that are starting evo boards so, I want to be the first to build the nose rider version. BTW- The evo with the standard longboard spar can be nose ridden. I found that out during my last session.

If you're interested in the off-sets for the noserider spar template.