Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thinking lighter

Now that the water is warming up.  I find my sessions a lot more fun.  My last build was fairly light with the balsa cedar combination.  It was just a little heavier than I'd hoped for.  For my next build I'm thinking of an all balsa board.  It will probably be a copy of one of my fishes.  That type of board works really well here and I love the way it feels under my feet.

The length will be 6'8" and about 22 1/2 - 23" wide.  The thickness will be just under 3".  For fin set-up I'll probably go quad since that's what I ride most of the time.

I have three 6'8" fishes.  They are all slightly different.  The one with the flatter rocker is good for high tide mushy conditions.  The thruster is better in bigger waves.  They all have their own unique good features.  So my quiver is these three boards.  I also have a longboard for really small days.  I use the think I wanted to ride a shorter board.  That's not my feeling anymore.  I'm very happy with what I've got.  They're just right volume wise and length wise.  I'll start copying and designing soon.