Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Need for Balance.

There are times when nature seems to throw everything it can at you.  Hurricane Matthew looked like it just might do that.  It looked like Matthew was going to hit Ormond Beach really hard and lay waste to this place.  For some reason the hurricane took a little jog to the east on that Friday night and spared the area from it's full force.

There were some houses and businesses that had roofs torn off and broken windows.  The coastal road A1A was undercut and parts of it washed away.  I feel fortunate because my house only had minor damage to my fences and a little roof damage.  The worst part of the event was being without power for 4 days.  Anyways, I did get lucky and even got a chance to surf on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to my neighbors and family for helping Julie and I make it thru some stressful times.

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