Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Down Time.

When the surf isn't happening there are lots of other activities to keep me occupied.  I feel fortunate to live in Florida.  The winters are mild and short.  That makes it a lot easier to do outside projects and enjoy leisure time.  My favorite thing is hanging out and doing things with my girlfriend Julie.

She's a lot of fun and a beautiful person.  One of her many talents is photography.  Her eye for detail and composition is amazing.  All my friends and family love to see the pictures she takes.  When it comes to cooking.  She is incredible.  I'm crazy about this women.

My other favorite thing to do is play guitar.  It's a lot of fun to play some classic rock and jam out.  My buddy David E.  helped me a lot when I lived in CA.  I try to play at least an hour everyday.

Life is good for me.  I'm still living the dream.  Thanks for your support.

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