Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Making the fish bones.

This part of the build is time consuming.  I draw out the spar on the luan.  For the ribs I cut paper patterns and glue them to the luan.  Next, I cut out the ribs and spar with my bandsaw.

I check all the ribs against the full size drawing to make sure they're the right lenght.  Then, I check the ribs against the spar to dial those in.  I like to make sure the ribs height is the same as the spar for that rib location.  It also gives me a chance to check the rib profiles.

I like to draw out interior sections of the ribs and spar where material will be removed.  It saves a lot of unwanted weight by doing this.  I drill a hole or two in those sections.  Then I use my jigsaw to cut it out.  I've found it handy to build a jig that gives the spar and ribs some support when making these cuts.

I hope this helps anyone making a wood surfboard.  Thanks for your support.

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