Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Skinned and rough shaped.

The way I build my boards I'm never sure of what to expect.  It's only after I take it out the cradle and trim the skin that I know what I got.  This is just the beginning stages of shaping.

I weighted the board.  It came in at 6.75 lbs.  That's good so far.  I still need to add rails, leash plug and glass.  I hope that it turns out lighter than the copy board.  A little trick I've been doing is cut a 1/8" thick section out of the nose.  Then, I reglue it.  That makes it just a little thinner which is what I want.

On my boards I like the noses and tails thin like regular surfboards.  When a board has a thick nose and/or tail.  That thickness gives the surfer less feedback on how the board feels.  In surfing it's very important to have equipment that helps and not hinders.

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