Friday, June 29, 2018

OOphs watch out for the Bloodwood.

We finally had a little break from the summer flatness.  Nice little knee to waist high nuggets for the past 3 days.  Fun stuff and the water cooled down.

My project took an unexpected detour today.  I glassed the fins in yesterday.  That went alright.  Today I was cleaning them up for some more glass.  That's when I noticed the polyester resin didn't bond with the fins.  I pulled at it and the glass didn't stick good.

The fins are Bloodwood and something else.  It's a bummer that I didn't expect.  My next step is to carefully cut these off.  I've been working with polyester resins for a long time.  This is a first time anything like this has happen.

Lesson learned on this post.  Stay positive and get in the water.  Thanks for your support.

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