Saturday, July 21, 2018

6'8" Super Fish is Done.

I've been waiting for a chance to get all the little things done.  The vent port got installed and the board was pressure tested.  No problems there.

My next step was to sand the board and fins with 120 grit.  After that I start wet sanding with 220 grit and finally 320 grit.  I do all my sanding by hand.  More Mana for this one.  The last thing I do is apply Dolphin Skin.

I'm satisfied with the way this board turned out.  I did the quad fin cluster set-up a little tighter than the copy board.  It's just a little thing that I happen to like.

I'm glad it's done.  It will be stored indoors in my Florida Room waiting for a good hurricane swell.  

My dog Luke will be keeping an eye on it for me.  Thanks for your support.

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